The Name is Breitbach,
But It Means Quality

Laser Screed Services

By harnessing the capabilities of Somero laser screeds, we have raised the bar when it comes to placing large volume concrete floors and parking lots. Whether for a school, warehouse, or giant retail center, Breitbach Construction Co. can attain faster placement, flatter floors with less manpower when they are placed with our laser screed services.  We can also do contoured pavement placement with our Somero 3D Profiler System.

Just as we use our precision equipment to grade, place, and pour our own floors, we also offer laser screed services to other concrete contractors. Whether you are looking to place a large pour, are short on manpower, or just plain tired of the physical labor, Breitbach Construction Co. can help you with grading and placing flat, sloped, and multi-sloped floors and pavement with ease.  We generally stay within 100 miles of our facility, but are willing to discuss going further. 

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Benefits of our premium laser screed services:

  • Greater floor flatness (FF)
  • Precision floor levelness (FL)
  • Stronger floors
  • Shorter completion time
  • Cost savings
  • Modern laser screed equipment