The Name is Breitbach,
But It Means Quality

Build Your Reputation On Ours

Breitbach Construction Co. has a reputation built on integrity, responsiveness, exceptional workmanship, and unwavering dedication dating back to 1938.

We have delivered over 80 years of quality. Breitbach Construction Company is a family-owned general contracting firm based in central Minnesota – Elrosa, MN. The tradition began in 1938 when Math Breitbach Sr. constructed his first barn with the help of his sons.

Over the next five decades, the Company continued its focus on single and multi-family housing, as well as agricultural buildings. The first commercial structure built by Breitbach Construction Co. came in 1962.

In 1968 Leander, Herbert, and Math Jr. purchased the Company and formed a corporation. In 1985, Herbert and Leander’s sons – the third generation – purchased shares of the Company. Today, the Company is owned and managed by the fourth generation of Breitbachs. But while the decades have passed, and the construction methods have advanced, we still operate on the same values of customer service, quality, and integrity that founded the business in 1938.

Throughout our history, Breitbach Construction Co. has endured many changes in the construction industry – and as a company. Our past and current success is directly attributed to our dedication to our customers, and the pride that goes into every project bearing our family name. We will continue to lean on this dedication and family pride to ensure our future success.

Breitbach Construction Co. has taken an active role as general contractor, construction manager, and/or design-builder on significant commercial construction projects throughout Minnesota and the Dakotas. These projects include but are not limited to:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Churches
  • Financial Institutions
  • Warehouses
  • Retail Centers
  • Corporate Offices
  • Manufacturing Facilities